Whether you’re a 2-ski beginner or seasoned slalom skier, we have you covered! Our certified coaches have taught it all – from toddlers on learner skis to carving the flats. Waterskiing in Turks and Caicos' beautiful water is hard to beat.

Being towed around 70ft from the boat at speeds of 16-26mph (depending on ability), waterskiing is the perfect sport for those with no on-the-water experience. Simply keep your feet together and stand up as the boat pulls, and you’re waterskiing!

We definitely recommend starting off waterskiing and progressing to wakeboarding, allowing you to get comfortable with the pull of the boat and rise out of the water. Our extra-wide skis help get up and out of the water easily – or if that’s a struggle our ‘learner’ skis are tied together, keeping those feet steady.

Once you’ve mastered 2-skis, kick that weak one off and carve it up on a slalom! Our slalom skis are very stable and can accommodate all shapes and sizes. Slalom (mono-skiing) is performed at faster speeds that 2-ski waterskiing and is definitely a must on those glassy days!

Ask one of our team for a ‘Deep-V’ ski rope to help your slalom starts, helping keep your ski straight and pop up with ease – allowing for maximum time carving it up!

Waterski Kadis Teach