Wakesurfing is a newer towable sport that’s really come into it’s own with the advancement in technology on the wake boats we run. The boards are strapless and the rider and is towed at around 10-11mph, making it a much slower sport for our elderly shredders or those nervous of skiing/wakeboarding. Wakesurfing has become our guests’ sport of choice with it’s quick learning curve and even quicker change over times - allowing everyone a chance to get up and ride!

The ultimate goal of wakesurfing is to throw the rope and find the ‘sweet spot’ – allowing you to ride an endless wave.

With consistent warm water, a resident surfing dolphin and clear blue skies, we have the best wakesurfing conditions in the world!

From large buoyant surfers capable of getting the largest novice out of the water, to our skim-style finless boards for those that just want to 360 for days! We are positive our wakesurfing experience will be the most memorable you’ve ever had!

We have a large variety of surfs/skims to pick from and certified coaches ready to guide you every step of the way. Don’t know what board to choose? We have enough storage space to bring them all along!