TUBING Wake to Wake



There’s not much to learn when it comes to tubing – want to relax and take it slow down the award-winning shorelines of Turks & Caicos? Or are you an adrenaline junkie looking to catch some air over our wake? All you need to do is hold on and we’ll do the rest.

Our tubes come in all shapes and sizes – Our tubes can take up to 4 riders and are ready for you to lie, kneel or sit. We also offer goggles for those worried about the spray - just let us know if you want us to bring some!

Tubing is our activity of choice for large families – let the kids whip around on our glassy water, and then let grandma take it slow (or the other way round?!)

We have a variety of tube shapes/sizes to accomodate all rider preferences. Our high-quality tubes are comfortable and spacious allowing up to 4 riders at a time. We offer lying down tubes for the adrenaline junkies, or the 'couch'-style tubes for those wanting to cruise around in our crystal clear waters. Let us know what you would prefer!

All our tubes are supplied by O'Brien Watersports. We have been through multiple tube suppliers out here in Turks & Caicos and have found the O'Brien tubes are the most reliable, comfortable and safe tubes for all ages. Our large 4-person 'couch'-style tubes are perfect for the younger kids and parents worried about getting tipped over. The large surface area of the tube keeps it stuck to the water and almost always guarantees a smooth and hassle-free ride.



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