Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Captain Mark de Fraine

Mark has been visiting/living in Turks & Caicos for over 10 years and is proud to call these tiny islands his home.

Mark has always been an avid sports enthusiast, but has a deep passion for anything on the water. Legend once told that Mark fashioned Poseidon’s Trident into a gnarly surfboard and rode it across the Atlantic until he landed in Providenciales.

Mark has always dreamed of setting up his own water sports business with the intention of offering the best water sports instruction in the world. The combination of crystal clear waters, endless blue skies, top of the range equipment/boats and a plethora of qualifications fill us with confidence these dreams have become a reality. Below are a list of the qualifications Mark has acquired in order to give you the most memorable and safest experience on the water:

  • BWSW Certified Level 2 Wakeboard & Waterski Instructor
  • BWSW Level 2 Ski Boat Driver
  • STCW Boat Captain
  • Georgian College Marine Mechanic
  • PADI Divemaster
  • EFR Emergency First Responder and First Aid trained

Anyway, enough about Mark’s qualifications. His beautiful golden locks and hazel-green eyes will be enough to ensure you have an unforgettable day with us!


Captain Nathaniel Taylor

Nathaniel was born in the UK, but raised in Uganda.

After finishing School he travelled to Egypt and went to a small town called Dahab, where he completed his PADI Instructors Course. Looking to go somewhere new and far, he set his sights on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, and that, is where he found The Turks & Caicos Islands.

He started out living in Grand Turk (the capital), where he was diving all the time and loving it! After 4 years Nat moved to Provo where he continued to dive but also branched out into teaching Wake Boarding, Water Skiing and guiding other Eco tours like Kayaking and Paddle Boarding.

Having fallen in love with TCI the next logical step was to find a way to stay in this paradise forever. Nat and Mark met through the mutual love of everything on and under the water, and soon realized that they wanted the same thing! It was at this point that the idea of Wake to Wake was born.

Fast forward to present time — Wake to Wake is a reality and and you can find a smiling cheerful Nat out on the water every day teaching different water sports and sharing his love for the natural beauty of these islands.

  • RYA Level 2 Powerboat License
  • STCW Boat Captain
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Emergency First Responder for Adults
  • Emergency First Responder for Children


Zyzz is the most beloved member of the Wake to Wake team, he can normally be found in the office, creating epic videos, which almost always go viral.

His passion for surfing the wake is unparalleled (ask to see photographic proof). He can swim faster than any human and has even swam with Jojo, the resident Bottlenose Dolphin!

Zyzz and Mark have been co-habitating for the past 5 years, he even brought Mark to Turks & Caicos with him all the way from England. He enjoys long walks on the beach, and even takes Mark along when he has been a “good boy”.

With his long dark waves and big brown eyes, Zyzz has the ladies swooning wherever he goes. Keep your eye out for him on the beach, if you’re lucky he will let you throw his tennis ball for him.