Meet the Team

Meet the Team

4x5 WS Staff Zyzz


You'll find Zyzz walking the beaches looking for someone to throw his tennis ball or surfing with Jojo the dolphin

Our most beloved mascot, Zyzz is always ready to jump on the boat and go a little crazy! Sadly we can't bring him out on charters with us as he doesn't understand personal space and often needs pee-breaks, but if you meet us at Blue Haven fuel dock he will be tail-waggin' and super excited to see you off and greet you back!

WS Staff Mark

Mark de Fraine

Mark has been visiting/living in Turks & Caicos for over 10 years and is proud to call these tiny islands his home.

Mark has always been an avid sports enthusiast with a passion for anything on the water. He moved out to Turks & Caicos with the dream of offering the best watersports experience in the world and is proud to say Wake to Wake is fulfilling those dreams!

Often running Wake to Wake from the office, Mark will happily answer any questions you have and do his best to make your stay in Turks & Caicos as enjoyable as possible. If you're lucky enough to get him out on a charter you will be greeted with a big smile and even better hair!

WS Staff Joey

Joey Ewing

Joey is the youngest in Wake to Wake's team and is always full of energy! His bubbly and kind-hearted personality makes you feel at home the moment you step on board.

Raised in Turks & Caicos; Joey is happy to answer any questions about the islands and loves chatting to anyone and everyone!

Joey started out skateboarding and quickly excelled at wakesurfing the moment he stepped on the board. He has quickly learnt all wake-sports and is always ready to offer advice and tips to help improve your riding. Joey is fast becoming a very proficient rider and is possibly Turks & Caicos' top surfer (just don't tell LJ!)


Nathaniel Taylor

Nathaniel was born in the UK, but raised in Uganda.

After finishing School he travelled to Egypt, where he completed his PADI Dive Instructors Course. He set his sights on the crystal clear Turks & Caicos waters and moved to the capital; Grand Turk.

After 4 years Nat moved to Providenciales and met Mark through the mutual love of everything on and under the water. They soon realised they had the same dream and it was at this point Wake to Wake was born.

Fast forward to present time — Wake to Wake is a reality and and you can find a smiling cheerful Nat out on the water every day teaching different water sports and sharing his love for the natural beauty of these islands.

WS Staff Kit

Kit Griffiths

Kit has grown up in Turks & Caicos and spent all his time kiteboarding. He is now a professional rider sponsored by Liquid Force. He runs Wake to Wake's kiteboarding school and occasionally jumps on our boats when the wind is low!

Kit is as comfortable on a board as his own two feet! With years of riding behind him, Kit is an amazing coach for anything on the water and will happily jump on the board and show you what to do! Kit is full of spirit, bubbly and a great asset to our team - you’re guaranteed an amazing day out whenever he is on the boat as long as you can understand his mishmash accent of Turks Islander, British & surfer dude!

WS Staff Chase

Chase Capullo

Chase is the token 'Merican and Wake to Wake's only way of getting US iTunes and Spotify accounts set up. This was the main reason he joined the team, but he is also an awesome rider! If you're lucky enough to have him out on the water with you, make sure you watch him ride, it's great seeing him throw down behind our boats!

Chase grew up in Florida and has spent his whole life around wake boats - captaining, riding professionally and working in the industry. Chase has an abundance of knowledge on anything wake-related and is happy to offer any advice he can to help improve your riding!



Lincoln 'LJ' Outten

Born and raised in Turks & Caicos; LJ is an islander through-and-through! He will keep you entertained with quirky anecdotes and stories from growing up on the islands and is always ready to help whatever your needs!

His friendly demeanour and killer fashion-sense guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable day out on the water! He is the undisputed Wake to Wake Jump Cup champion and is always ready to show his skills or take on any challenges you throw his way!

LJ has been with Wake to Wake from the very start - LJ learnt to swim with us. His determination and relentless drive to excel at everything he does has smashed his fear of water and he is now happily taking snorkel trips and killing it on every watersport he does. 


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