The equipment

The equipment


We have a large range of equipment supplied by HumanoidWake, a dedicated wakesports manufacturer just across the pond in Orlando. Humanoid make wakeboards by riders for riders, something that is evident the minute you step into our bindings.

Our wakeboards range from 115cm (perfect for those lil groms) through to 144cm for the bigger riders! All with Humanoid’s trademark ‘hi-top’ design bindings, which comfortably ease on/off for minimum changeover time. Our boards’ designs allow for great stability and lift out of the water for the first-timers yet still have the speed and pop to keep the best of riders ripping up our massive wake!



With 365 days of sun, a resident surfing dolphin and crystal clear waters, we have the best surfing conditions in the world! So why not accompany that with some of the best wakesurfers in the world?!

We have paired up with TWO different wake surf manufacturers to give you a wide variety of boards to choose from – From large buoyant surfers capable of getting the largest novice out of the water, to our skim-style finless boards for those that just want to 360 for days! We are positive our surf-experience will be the most memorable you’ve ever had!

HumanoidWake have supplied us with 2 gnarly boards and BrigadeWakesurfing have hooked us up with their full 2018 5-board quiver – That’s a total of SEVEN different boards to pick from! Don’t know which one you want? We have enough space to take out a selection for you to try, and certified coaches ready to help with the whole process.


All of our skis are supplied by O’Brien, a watersports company who have taken pride in their leading high performance equipment for more than 50 years.

We have ski sets ranging from beginner level to advanced. Our smallest set is 46 inches and perfect for all beginners and children. The set is tied at the back and has an adjustable bar at the front to really make the first learning steps easy. At the other end of our ski line we have 67 and 69 inch slalom skis. These have easily adjustable full foot bindings and are great for advanced riders.

We also offer a ‘Deep-V’ ski rope helping those first time slalom skiers keep their ski straight and pop up with ease – allowing for maximum time carving it up!


Snorkel Sets

At Wake to Wake we believe the equipment has a massive impact on your snorkel experience. We have 2 options for your snorkel/mask set – The traditional mask and snorkel set with neoprene strap and comfy silicone body, or the recently more popular full face ‘ninja’ mask allowing you to breath and see as well underwater as you do on land!

Our fins come in a wide range of sizes from 4 – 13 so you’re sure to find a pair that fit. We also have small kiddies snorkel sets along with extra-buoyant lifejackets for the youngsters.

All of our masks have GoPro attachments so you don’t miss a thing down there!


We have 3 different variations of tubes to satisfy everybody’s need for speed – Our 3 person lying-style ‘Jumbo’ is great for going fast and seeing who can hold on the longest. Our 2 person tubes; Speedy and Torpedo both put you in a seated position, perfect for cruising along – If you are new to tubing then these are definitely your best choice!

All our tubes are supplied by Swordfish Towables.



Never heard of subwinging? Check it out HERE and our experiences with it HERE.

Our subwings are super-lightweight (2.5kgs) and streamlined ready to glide through the water with ease! With rubber hand-grips on either wing and a strap-handle on the back for those more experienced riders; there’s nothing to worry about down there – allowing you kick back and take in the awesome marine life Turks & Caicos has to offer!

We also have a GoPro mount for the subwing, along with mask mounts ready to capture every second!


Usually overlooked by many – the lifejacket is an essential part of all on-the-water activities. We have paired with O’Brien & HumanoidWake to offer you lifejackets that are buoyant enough to keep non-swimmers above water, comfy enough to wear all day and stylish enough to use in your profile pic!

Our lifejackets come in a large variety of sizes from kiddies XS to adult XXXL – we’re sure to have a size that fits you!