The boat

The boat

Check out our brand new 2017 Salt Water Series Axis A22! Boasting the biggest wake/wave in Turks & Caicos with a sound system to match! This really is the best charter-able boat for wakeboarding in Turks & Caicos, and maybe even the whole Caribbean! We offer FREE WIFI onboard along with full bluetooth connectivity to our sound system.

The A22’s Wake Plus Hull design along with over 1000lbs of ballast, surf gates & Malibu’s patented ‘Power Wedge’ are what give the wake/wave’s massive curves in all the right places! Our A22 comes with a V8 6.0L Monsoon engine with 409 foot-pounds of torque; easily capable of pulling the biggest riders fighting and kicking out of the water, yet still able to run until the sun goes down!


Our A22 is kitted out with an impressive WetSounds system throughout – 4 huge tower speakers allowing the rider to still party 80ft away from the boat, bluetooth connectivity, independently controllable speakers (so mum and dad can have some peace at the front whilst you blast ‘Party in the USA’ at the back) and even separate controls on the stern… and don’t forget the pumping subwoofer!

Step on board and you won’t believe you’re on a 22-footer! There is ample space for 10 people (or 1700lbs) along with all your towels, suntan lotion, saucepans or anything else you want to bring along! The pickle-fork bow is laden with cushions ready for you to lie down and soak up the sun whilst our Bimini keeps those more fairer skinned protected all day. Our favourite seat has to be on the stern, within arms reach of the surfer allowing you to be right in the action for your friends’ first time ripping!