ABOUT 4x3-21

Boasting one of the largest reefs in the world; Turks & Caicos offers some of the best snorkeling and free diving in the Caribbean and has an abundance of marine life waiting to meet you. From hawksbill turtles to spotted eagle rays – we have it all! You might even be lucky enough to snorkel with our resident dolphins JoJo and his friends.

Our team has years of experience exploring the waters of Turks and Caicos and will give you the best under-the-water experience this island has to offer. Exploring sunken boats, free diving through underwater caves, or cruising over the 30ft – 3000ft reef wall (we like to call it the ‘abyss’) to name just a few of our spots!

CPR & First Aid qualifications are held by all our team members to ensure no matter your ability; you are in safe hands the moment you jump in!


At Wake to Wake we believe the equipment has a massive impact on your snorkel experience. Our snorkel sets are a traditional mask and snorkel with neoprene strap and comfy silicone body. Our masks are adjustable to fit all sizes, and for the kids we offer smaller masks/snorkel sets to ensure everyone can enjoy the beautiful underwater world!

Our adult fins come in a wide range of sizes from 4 – 13, and we also offer smaller adjustable kids fins. We also offer lifejackets and snorkel belts so no matter your age or ability you will be comfortable and safe the moment you jump in.

We keep de-fog spray onboard to so you don't miss a thing down there!