The Islands of Turks and Caicos truly are ‘Beautiful by Nature’ - let our local guides show you why!

We know all the perfect photo spots and hidden gems to explore and make the most of what these islands have to offer; including adrenaline fuelled cliff jumping, deserted beaches, secret shell spots and much more!

A few of our favorite spots…

La Famille, an old Soviet oil rig that broke loose during a hurricane and now sits a couple of miles offshore, has become a popular attraction for cliff-jumpers and explorers alike. Small schools of fish frequently use the wreck as a sanctuary and we often find juveniles of bigger fish that we would see out on the reef. If you’re brave enough to do some cliff jumping we have a couple spots for you; our beginner jump is about 10ft and we have a  25ft jump if you really want that adrenaline rush! (Our captains are always ready to show you a backflip!) We offer the safest experience when exploring the wreck, guiding you around and providing hard-soled water shoes.

Dellis Cay houses the ruins of a half built resort that has been abandoned for many years. It’s eerie shell is offset by beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear, turquoise water.

Sheltered just off the beach, this is our favourite lunch spot with our own benches, tire swing and tables. Let us cook you lunch as you explore the shallows for cushion starfish, shells and much more.

We often spend full days here as it is the perfect location for flat water and exploring idilic parts of Turks and Caicos away from the crowds.

Dellis 5x3

Little Water Cay (Iguana Island) is probably one of the spots you may have heard of before coming to Turks and Caicos. Iguanas can be found on lots of the islands and cays in Turks and Caicos but the best and easiest place to see them is Little Water Cay, as it is a sanctuary for the Iguanas. You can find them right on the beach warming up for the day, or a slightly further walk in nestled under trees are large groups of them ready to meet you.

Our team have been exploring Iguana Island for years so make sure to follow them for the best places to find the iguanas and let them fill you with interesting facts about these awesome reptiles.

Please remember they are wild animals so make sure to look but not touch!

Ft. George is a small beautiful cay with a lovely white sand beach that extends out into the shallow waters making it the perfect spot to float around or search for shells. We often find Sand Dollars here in the shallows, and keep an eye out for stingrays cruising the shoreline – they love to come by!

At low tide the ever-changing sandbanks rise out of the water and form tiny islands, perfect for relaxing and getting some of our Caribbean sun.

We are constantly finding new and exciting areas to explore but we want to keep some a surprise!