JOJO & FRIENDS Wake to Wake


Who is Jojo?

Jojo is an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that has been a resident of the Turks & Caicos Islands since the 1980s. He is approximately 8ft long and is famous for the fact that he is a wild dolphin who actively seeks out interactions with people. Whether you are out on a boat and he is enjoying himself by jumping in the wake as you cruise along, or you are snorkeling and he comes to say hi, it is always a breathtaking experience.

Please note that Jojo and his friends are all wild dolphins so we can never guarantee seeing them. Interactions with them are purely on their terms and some days they simply aren't in the mood to say hi.


At Wake to Wake we feel extremely lucky as Jojo seems to love our boat as much as we do! We often stop when we see him and he will swim over and look at the bottom of the boat. There is a tracking fin on the underside which resembles a dorsal fin and we have found that Jojo seems to really enjoy examining it.

When we start moving and we kick up a good surfing wave Jojo jumps right in and loves to surf with us! On many occasions we bump into him as we are heading out onto the water and he will join in for the ride, or just wants to hang out. Jojo has spent time surfing, swimming and even Subwinging with our guests - it’s always an unforgettable experience!

Jojo’s friends

Over the years there have been many other dolphins that you see Jojo cruising the shoreline with. More recently there has been a group of 4 dolphins that we see with Jojo - three adults and one calf which we have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with in the water. While Jojo will get right behind the boat to surf, the others normally hang back on our 2nd wave and practice their skills there. Often Jojo will come up to us whilst they hang back until he gives the clear for them to come hang out with us too!


Mama and Baby Dolphin

Mama dolphin is much more relaxed and only ever does small stints in our waves. She much prefers to just casually swim around with you.

Baby dolphin (Scooter) is a bundle of fun. Energetic and very curious, he loves to play with Zyzz (@zyzzraham)! He spins around, flicks his tail and swims upside down with Zyzz right above him. His mum and Jojo are slowly teaching him how to surf our wave and while he doesn’t ride right behind the boat, he does some impressive jumps on the waves further back. Always a joy to have around and when he and Zyzz get together, it’s amazing to watch!

Scooter is super friendly and will often swim right up and snuggle you! Although this is a wonderful experience for everyone in the water, we urge everyone to keep their hands to themselves and not to pet the dolphins.


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