With years of experience exploring these waters we’ll give you the best under-water experience the island has to offer.


Feel like you're flying underwater and explore the reef whilst being gently towed behind the boat. Always a favourite with our guests.


We redoubtably throw down the biggest wake in Turks & Caicos so it’s no surprise that it is becoming our most popular activity.


Our world-class equipment and one of the best wake boats in the world lets you ride the clearest waters in the Caribbean in style.


You decide if you speed or relax in our tubes - or floating couches. They come in all shapes and sizes for you to lie, kneel or sit.


Perfect for those with no on-the-water experience. Simply keep your feet together and stand up as the boat pulls you!


We know all the hidden gems to explore and perfect photo spots so you can make the most of what these islands have to offer, including picture perfect cliff jumping.


With miles of white sand beaches Turks & Caicos is the perfect place to get away from it all. We know all the secluded spots where yours will be the first footprints in the sand.