Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

We require CC info to secure any booking and run a $100 non-refundable deposit. Our cancellation policy is: 50% 3 days prior and 100% 24hrs prior to your booking, unless we are able to fill the slot.


What if the weather is bad?

We will try our best to reschedule a time that works for you. If we aren't able to get you out on the water due to conditions our captains decide are too bad, we will not charge you anything.


How can I see Jojo the dolphin?

We can never guarantee seeing Jojo or any of the dolphins. We are very fortunate to have wild dolphins enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs, but as they are wild dolphins our interactions are purely on their terms and sometimes they simply aren't in the area or in the mood to say hi. We would also like to mention that at no point should you try to touch the dolphins.


Can I rent the boat without a captain/2nd mate?

Sadly you cannot rent the boat without the captain and 2nd mate. The waters here are very hard to navigate and need someone who knows the areas you can and cannot drive in.


Are there sharks in the water?

There could very well be small reef or nurse sharks in the waters we operate, but they are in no way dangerous or scary. The waters we operate in are too shallow for the larger 'scary' sharks you may see on Shark Week. Nurse and reef sharks are very friendly and we like to call them puppies of the ocean.


Can we have Zyzz on the trip with us?

If it was up to Zyzz he would be on every charter we ever ran! Sadly he doesn't understand personal space and often needs pee breaks, so we cant bring him with us. If you head out from Blue Haven Resort fuel dock we will make sure he is on the side of the canal, tail-wagging ready to see you off!


Can I request a specific captain/2nd mate?

For sure you can! We often have repeat guests who had an awesome time with their previous captain/2nd mate, so when booking let us know who you went out with last time and we will try our best to schedule them on your charter.


My group is over 14, can you accomodate us?

We have a few options for larger groups that go over our Nautique's max capacity. You could book 2 or more boats and cruise around together (this also allows us to put the 2 boat surf waves together and create the gauntlet which is an amazing surfing experience!!) or if you are staying at a villa/hotel on Gracebay we can take it in turns running your group from the beach with the one boat.


Will there be shade on board?

All boats have a bimini that covers the centre of each boat. These boats don't have large covered areas like some of the bigger charter boats on island, but there is enough to keep out of the sun if needs be.


Can I bring a baby/toddler?

Yes you can - As mentioned above there is shade on the boats to keep them protected and we also have tiny lifejackets to keep them safe. We often find the slight rumble of the engines puts them to sleep and they snooze the whole charter!


I have dietary food requirements, can you accomodate me?

Yes we can - please let us know of any allergies/special requirements and we will make sure to pack food/drink to cater to your needs.


Can we bring our own food/drink?

Yes you can - let us know in advance if you are bring extra food/drink and we will make sure to pack an extra cooler for your stuff.


Can you provide alcohol on the half day charter/special alcohol beverages on the full day?

Yes we can - let us know if you would like us to provide alcohol/what alcohol you would like and we can supply it for the cost of the receipt +20% service charge.


Can you pick us up from our Hotel/Villa?

We usually always try to accomodate a beach pickup by boat. The easiest and most reliable beach pickups are from Gracebay, some areas on Longbay are too shallow for our boats to pull up. Please let us know where you are staying and we can let you know if we can collect you by boat. Pickups further from our start point (Blue Haven Marina) will incur an additional rate.